Giving you a competitive advantage

Tristate Computers is ready to help you address a wide variety of business challenges and propel your business forward with custom-tailored IT consulting and support services. We provide high-value services to help you take full advantage of the latest IT capabilities.

Our services include:

Server Management and Support
We are composed of an expert team of server administrators who can help with installations, troubleshooting, upgrades, maintenance, monitoring, and more.
Firewall and Security Solutions
We help monitor network traffic and secure your confidential data from external threats through updated firewall and security solutions.
Anti-Virus Solutions (Managed and Unmanaged)
We offer the best security solutions through automatic protection with proactive anti-malware technologies for your business devices.
Security Solutions for Network and Desktops
Our team is ready to secure your data with maximum effect against hackers and viruses.
Wireless Network Installation and Security Solutions
We ensure your company’s WLAN remains protected to keep your network and information safe from top threats and vulnerabilities.
Remote Access Solutions
Wherever you are, we can address your technical glitches or help you access resources through our remote access solutions.
Desktop Support
Our technicians can help fix your desktop systems and hardware and software issues.
Software Implementation
We can integrate the proper software application into your company’s workflow to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.
Network Environment Monitoring
We prevent hardware damage to server rooms, data centers, network closets, and other critical assets.
New Office / Business Relocation
Let’s streamline and improve your operations through our business relocation services. Let’s make your move a success.
Backup and Disaster Recovery
Let our team help you ensure business continuity through data backup and disaster recovery. We can store your data over a secure network or restore your files successfully after an issue.
Cloud Backup Solutions
Get our low-cost cloud backup and storage services to protect your data from hardware failure or physical disasters.
Hosted Email Solutions
We provide business-class email hosting, including email sending and receiving, custom domain addresses, and spam and data loss prevention.
Desktop Upgrades and Repairs
Our technicians can help upgrade and repair your desktops and computers, including installation, upgrade, reformat, and OS reinstall.
Server Upgrades and Repairs
Let’s upgrade your company’s servers and hardware for better performance and efficiency.

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